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The classic "Giovella" bracelet is an easy way to give your everyday look an instant lift. Made to last, this piece will look great alongside your watch or stacked with other bracelets!

Layer it with a bunch of bracelets for the perfect summer look! It is easily adjustable to any wrist with the elastic strand. 

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians used opal as a magical stone to adorn their most beautiful jewelry.

Strengthening and purifying, Native Americans would make necklaces and bracelets with opal when they wanted to connect with the Earth Mother, believing that wearing these stones could provide them with guidance during their journey in life.


- Opal Beads (6mm Semi-Precious Stones) and 925 Sterling Silver Bead

- Two sizes available - This bracelet is strung on an elastic strand that easily slips on any wrist.

If your wrist is quite big, we advise you to take the L/XL size (21 cm).


Guaranteed to last and will not fade or lose its color, whether you're working out, showering or wear our pieces daily. - This bracelet is built to last and has a lifetime warranty.

All Orezza jewelry is made of 316L Stainless Steel, a highly durable metal that does not tarnish or fade, and is even more durable than silver, gold, or platinum.This surgical grade steel will never cause skin discoloration or turn it green.

All our jewelry is also coated with a 10x stronger process called PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition, this is the most modern coating process available and it guarantees all our products to last forever.

Therefore, all our jewelry is water and sweat-resistant and can withstand real-life conditions. Orezza takes the quality of their jewelry very seriously and thousands of customers can already attest to the longevity and shine of our products ✓

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